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Meet the Garner Chiropractic Team

Our support staff consists of  professionals who’ve been together at Garner Chiropractic for quite some time.

Dr. G beams, “We all get along and enjoy each other’s company. This is truly an amazing feat – one for which I am continually thankful.”

Rio Rancho Chiropractic, Pattie Taylor

Pattie – Paraprofessional

Pattie has been with us since 2004. You’ll meet with Pattie before seeing Dr. G to discuss your case history and share what’s going on with your body and health. She’ll ask about your pain and progress at each visit, and will help you to key in on the things which help Dr. G treat you efficiently and effectively.

Pattie also keeps track of all diagnostic coding and is invaluable in keeping the office flowing smoothly throughout the day.

Rio Rancho Chiropractic, Barbara Roybal

Barbara – Insurance Billing

Barbara has been an integral part of Garner Chiropractic since 2007. She’s the one who ensures your insurance claims are processed in a timely and accurate manner. She is the most experienced of the staff in using our Eclipse system for managing billing and appointments. Barbara offers a lot of insight to her co-workers.

Barbara has a natural ability to analyze problems and has the tenacity to keep at a job until it’s complete. These are wonderful traits for someone in her role because when a claim is unpaid or not paid properly, she gets it straight.

Come and see what our All-Star staff can do for you. Call Garner Chiropractic today. (505) 892-2222